Statement on the Net-Zero Industry Act proposal

The CEO Alliance welcomes the proposal for a Net-Zero Industry Act, and commends the European Commission for its swift efforts to strengthen the European industrial base and to create competitive and resilient European markets for technologies needed for the net-zero transition.

The CEO Alliance was founded in 2020 as a platform of European companies coming together to make decarbonisation happen. Since then, a series of successive regional and global crises has made it clear that climate mitigation measures must go hand-in-hand with efforts to build up the resilience of our societies and economies.

The transition to a greener future depends on key materials and technologies. Recent supply disruptions and geopolitical tensions have underscored the need to strengthen European domestic manufacturing capacity and upstream value chain activities as well as strengthen our economic independence by seeking global partnerships with other countries, to future-proof our economies and to ensure the global competitiveness of European green industries.

As a cross-sector action tank of companies representing key industry sectors, aimed at making decarbonisation of European industry happen, the CEO Alliance stands ready to support EU and Member States’ policymakers in achieving the objectives of the Net-Zero Industry Act proposal and the development of Net-Zero Industry projects.

We offer our expertise and experience in delivering joint cross-industrial projects aimed at making the EU the world’s leading region for prosperity, sustainability and resilience by unlocking investments, fuelling innovations in new technologies and creating future-proof jobs.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue to support the journey towards a more prosperous, digitalised, sustainable, decarbonized and resilient future.


About the CEO Alliance: We are a cross-sector action tank consisting of 12 leading European companies representing key industry sectors, with ~1.6 million employees and ~EUR 560 billion annual revenue. We use our broad platform to make decarbonization of European industry happen. In spite of the challenging times we firmly believe that the only way forward for a competitive, prosperous, resilient and sustainable Europe is an acceleration of the transition to green energy and technology. Further information about our work is available on our website,

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