Discover the latest initiatives and projects within the Alliance.

This section contains information about current and planned projects initiated by the Alliance and its members.

The CEO Alliance members work together on cross-sector pan-European projects at scale

Iberdrola solar panels
Energy transition

Accelerating the energy transition and electrification, based on renewables

Iberdrola electric car charging docks
Sustainable infrastructures

Building up infrastructures for a climate neutral economy

Person walking in a smart factory
Key technologies

Industrializing and championing key technologies, including smart and digital

Ongoing and concluded CEO Alliance projects are:

Cross-EU charging infrastructure for heavy duty trucks

We developed a roadmap for an EU-wide charging infrastructure, realizing pilots for electrifying relevant corridors by 2023 and pursuing a visible ramp-up, focusing on charging infrastructure and catenary. Project champion: Scania. Status: Concluded.

Digital connected systems

Currently, sector transformations are typically evolving in silos, without access to data and insights from adjacent sectors. This hinders realizing the full potential of digital transformation – further amplified due the convergence of sectors, e.g., fossil-free electricity generation, electrification and digitalization, where cross-sectoral collaboration is key. Harmonizing APIs and data and connecting platforms making it possible to readily onboard assets and share data across sectors would allow enterprises to provide applications and services supporting decarbonisation. Project champion: Ericsson. Status: Ongoing

E-buses for Europe

The main goal is to foster electrification of all the public transport bus fleets across the EU by 2030 through deployment of industrial initiatives in cities, building on a broad set of business models and complementary services. Project champion: Enel. Status: Ongoing.

Electrifying EU freight transport

Heavy duty transport is critical to European businesses and global supply chains, becoming a strategic sector for Europe competitiveness. Road freight transport is the backbone of trade and commerce on the European continent and has a high impact on energy consumption and GHG. The electrification of heavy-duty transport brings significant benefits for energy efficiency and for EU energy independence. The early development of a charging network across the TEN-T is essential as a foundation for rapid market growth. Project champion: Iberdrola. Status: Ongoing.

Energy storage in buildings

This projects aims to put in place a platform and ecosystem for making buildings an active contributor to the energy system by optimizing energy demand to the supply. Using energy storage in buildings with a smart adaptation of consumption will enhance the ability to optimize grid usage and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient society. Project partners are ABB and Enel. Project champion: Skanska. Status: Ongoing.

Green hydrogen value chain

We will jointly push the build-up of a European green hydrogen value chain, to foster commercial and technological availability wherever and whenever needed. Project champion: E.ON. Status: Ongoing.

Green steel

This project is a joint effort by H2GS and Iberdrola to establish a 1GW electrolyser and 2+ Mtpa DRI plant on the Iberian peninsula to enable green steel production. The initial scope will comprise new renewable energy investments by Iberdrola, a green hydrogen plant (JV), and a DRI tower by H2GS, with start of production projected for 2027. Project champions: H2GS and Iberdrola. Status: Ongoing.

Reshoring of the solar PV supply chain

This joint project aims to identify policy initiatives necessary to boost Europe’s competitiveness in the PV sector compared to global competitors, in order to ensure the open strategic autonomy of the European Union. Project champion: Enel. Status: Ongoing.

Sustainable healthy buildings for the future of work and living

Sustainability in buildings requires bringing together a range of different players and solutions, from materials to technologies. The project presents a roadmap for the EU green buildings transition and best practices, incentivize aligning own building strategies and shares bottom-up policy recommendations. Project champion: Schneider Electric. Status: Ongoing.

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