The CEO Alliance for Europe is a cross-sector Action Tank, working towards a more prosperous, sustainable and resilient Europe.

We unite 8 leading European companies representing main industry sectors, with over 1.5 million employees and over EUR 500 billion annual revenue. We at the CEO Alliance believe that the vision of a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient Europe, with focus on decarbonization and digitalization, will require a collective effort by all EU member states and collaboration between the public sector and industry.

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To address the immense challenges of climate change effectively and to achieve the net-zero targets for Europe, it is essential to join forces and act decisively.

Björn Rosengren CEO, ABB

The CEO Alliance is an Action Tank – the first of its kind – to realize the groundwork needed for sustainable ecosystems to grow all over Europe.

The CEO Alliance for Europe’s Recovery, Reform and Resilience was formed in 2020 against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and the historic European Green Deal. The Alliance’s shared goal is to make the EU the world’s leading region for climate protection while unlocking investments, fuelling innovations in new technologies and creating future-proof jobs.

We consider the challenges ahead as opportunities for our future. We see ourselves as advocates for a transformation towards a more prosperous, digitalized, sustainable, decarbonized and resilient Europe. Our joint projects focus on the future competitiveness of green technologies.

A cross-sector collaboration

The members view themselves as an Action Tank, working together on cross-sector pan-European projects at scale: cross-EU charging infrastructure for heavy duty trucks, integration of EU power systems (in particular grids), digital carbon footprint tracking, sustainable and healthy buildings for the future of work and living, e-buses for Europe, green hydrogen value chains and the rapid development of battery production. Further projects are being prepared, including one involving low carbon steel. Explore our newsroom to keep up-to-date about our progress.

Iberdrola solar panels

Accelerating the energy transition and electrification, based on renewables

Iberdrola electric car charging docks

Building up infrastructures for a climate neutral economy

Person walking in a smart factory

Industrializing and championing key technologies, including smart and digital

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Top executives from the energy, transport, finance and technology industries

The Alliance brings together top executives from the energy, transport, finance and technology industries (see below). Additionally, McKinsey & Company is serving as a knowledge contributor for the CEO Alliance and is providing further research and data.

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An investment for the future

The CEO Alliance believes that fighting global climate change will require a collective effort and investment by all EU member states and collaboration between the public sector and industry.

Investments by CEO Alliance members as part of their decarbonization roadmaps
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EU greenhouse gas greenhouse emission reduction target by 2030, compared to 1990 levels – supported by the CEO Alliance
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Deadline for achieving carbon neutrality at European level