State of the Union 2023 – CEO Alliance sends letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming State of the Union address, Christian Levin, CEO Alliance Chairman and CEO of Scania and TRATON GROUP, sent a letter on behalf of the CEO Alliance to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, expressing the CEO Alliance’s continued support for the European Commission’s steadfast commitment to the European Green Deal.

In light of the evolving global landscape, we deem it of utmost importance to uphold the momentum established during this Commission’s mandate. In demonstration of our commitment to assisting the Commission in advancing this agenda, we have jointly compiled the below letter.

Our key message to the Commission on the Green Deal is: hold the line. Do not backtrack on the ambition and on what has been achieved. Focus on implementation and execution. We do not need a new plan, it is time to deliver on this one. 

Europe should lead the green and digital transitions, pushing decarbonisation and sustainability forward, while at the same time safeguarding and boosting European competitiveness. New technologies and innovative companies need a supportive regulatory environment to thrive, and too often we see European companies invent, but other regions scaling, commercialising, and ultimately dominating the global market.

We look forward to continue the fruitful collaboration with EU policymakers and Member States in our efforts to contribute to the development of a genuinely green, digitalized and competitive European Union.

Download the letter below to read all the details.

About the CEO Alliance: We are a cross-sector action tank consisting of 12 leading European companies representing key industry sectors, with ~1.6 million employees and ~EUR 560 billion annual revenue. We use our broad platform to make decarbonization of European industry happen. In spite of the challenging times we firmly believe that the only way forward for a competitive, prosperous, resilient and sustainable Europe is an acceleration of the transition to green energy and technology. Further information about our work is available on our website,


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