CEOs sign ‘Sustainable Corporate Building Climate Pledge’

CEO Alliance member companies signed the ‘Sustainable Corporate Building Climate Pledge‘, committing to achieving at least carbon neutral corporate buildings by 2030, during a meeting of the CEOs in Rome in December 2022.

The CEO Alliance now calls upon other companies to join the effort.

The role of buildings energy efficiency in reaching net-zero
Energy efficiency in buildings is a critical aspect of the energy transition and the road towards net-zero. Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption. As owners and users of buildings amounting to a total surface of 11,5 million square meters, CEO Alliance members wish to ‘walk the talk’ by signing this pledge.

As part of the pledge, Member companies also commit to raising awareness and setting out roadmaps for the implementation of the pledge.

The pledge constitutes a threshold, with some member companies already endorsing even more ambitious targets.

Sustainable healthy buildings for the future of work and living
The ‘Sustainable Corporate Building Pledge’ is part of the broader CEO Alliance joint project ‘Sustainable healthy buildings for the future of work and living’, in which member companies are developing proofs of concept – the lighthouse projects – showcasing how carbon neutral or carbon negative buildings can be achieved by 2030. The joint project enables sharing of best practices and cooperation on lighthouse projects. As part of the joint project, member companies are also developing roadmaps for key technologies to be deployed in order to achieve the goals of the pledge. As the joint project progresses, the CEO Alliance will be releasing information on the various lighthouses and key technologies roadmaps over the coming months.

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