The CEO Alliance for Europe is a cross-sector Action Tank, working towards a more prosperous, sustainable and resilient Europe.

We unite 12 leading European companies representing main industry sectors, with over 1.5 million employees and over EUR 500 billion annual revenue. We at the CEO Alliance believe that the vision of a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient Europe, with focus on decarbonization and digitalization, will require a collective effort by all EU member states and collaboration between the public sector and industry.

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CEO Alliance is all about securing an ambitious EU agenda for decarbonisation. This is the only way to strengthen resilience and competitiveness for European business, and to shift our societies in a more sustainable direction. The current energy crisis and geopolitical situation only underlines that fact.

Christian Levin CEO and President Scania and CEO TRATON

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The Alliance

Top executives from the energy, transport, finance and technology industries

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